Welo Totally Bananas Probiotic Bar - 5 x 20g

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By Welo
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Welo Totally Bananas Probiotic Bar (5 x 20g)

Welo bars contain vegan prebiotics + probiotics which don't require refrigeration. Plus, Welo probiotics are backed by clinical studies proven to enhance vitamin absorption, protein absorption, immunity and so much more! Welo recommend 1 bar daily for full immune and digestive system benefits - each bar contains 1 day's worth of probiotics (1 billion live cultures).

Ingredients: whole grain rolled oats, whole grain brown rice crisps, brown rice syrup, sunflower seed butter, vegetable glycerin, chicory root fibre, banana flakes, dates, cocoa powder, sunflower oil, sea salt, natural flavor, probiotic cultures (bacillus subtilis DE111).