West Coast Seeds Alkindus Organic Butterhead Lettuce Seeds - 50 Pelleted Seeds

$4.59 CAD

Brand: West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds Alkindus Organic Butterhead Lettuce Seeds (50 Pelleted Seeds)

Alkindus Pelleted Organic butterhead lettuce seeds are certified organic! An improved Roxy type with substantial heads which grow up to 25cm (10") across. The butterhead has good wrapping leaves that are slightly savoyed around a flavourful, beautiful delicate head. You will find outstanding resistance to mildew and aphids. You will also find Alkindus very slow to bolt. We found our lettuce seeds stood in the field trials into mid-August before any sign of bolting. Seeds are pelleted for easy planting.

Recommended for hydroponic and aquaponic growing.

Matures in 60 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

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