West Coast Seeds Ching Chiang Shanghai Pac Choi Seeds - 1g

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Brand: West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds Ching Chiang Shanghai Pac Choi Seeds (1g)

Brassica oleraceae var. chinensis. Also known as Shanghai Pac Choi, this is a beautiful little vase-shaped plant. This early baby pac choi is mild and tender with medium-green leaves on pale-green, spoon-shaped stalks (petioles). Bred to be tolerant to heat, rain, cold, and dampness. Ching Chiang Shanghai pac choi seeds are a great variety for early spring planting under cover and for late summer plantings in mild-winter areas. Harvest when 15cm (6") tall.

Matures in 45 days. (Open-pollinated seeds). Approx. 525 seeds.

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