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YoFiit Miylk10 Unsweetened Original Chickpea Beverage - 946ml

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Brand: YoFiit

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YoFiit Unsweetened Original Chickpea Beverage (946ml)

YoFiit creates the first plant-based milk substitute using chickpeas, peas and vegan omega 3 oil, boasting 10 g of protein & 1000 mg of omega 3.
Created as a replacement for non-nutritious almond milk, the product is scientifically formulated so that it does not contain any of the stuff consumers no longer want such as carrageenan, sugar or any extra ingredients. This milk is versatile in that it can be used beyond the typical cereal function. It can be used as the sole ingredient of one’s smoothie because it can effectively accomplish so many functions such as replacing almond milk, replacing a protein powder as well as omega 3 oil.

Tips on how to best use:
  • Since there is no additive or carrageenan in their milk, it will require better care. Make sure you shake vigorously to ensure that it is all well mixed.
  • Once open in the fridge, it will get a bit thicker, DONT WORRY it has not gone bad, just add a little bit of water and shake well again so that it regains its consistency.
  • YoFiit milk is thicker than most anyway, so a lot of people find that adding water helps them increase the number of servings, which makes this milk once again very cost efficient.
Ingredients: Miylk10's gum-free & high protein blend (organic & non-gmo chickpea base (filtered water, organic ground chickpeas), non GMO pea protein, organic & non-GMO flaxseed oil, non-GMO calcium (tricalcium phosphate), non-GMO natural flavour.

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