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Rooted in Germany and Colombia, at home in Vancouver, Canada. The founders of Bready Mix are proud global citizens – and their company is no different.
So, it appears that the story of Bready Mix is not only about bread but rather a mixed result of our attitude towards life, culture, trade, and baked goods. The founders have travelled the world extensively. Wherever on the globe they had spent a longer period time, be it Africa, Asia, or the Americas, Jens Schuster would always miss his German bread, the “taste of Heimat”.

As they love sharing their food, they made another defining observation. Bread has always proven to be an ideal easy connector between people, cultures, and businesses. So, when they took the decision to settle in Canada in 2019, along came a transformation of their life’s mission and purpose.
From day one they have felt utterly privileged to be considered Vancouverites, living in a city of perpetual change and an abundance of inspiration. Yet, a few “pandemic months” in, they started missing one thing: Genuinely healthy, clean, dazzlingly delicious bread.A vision was born: They strive to bake the world a “breader” place! Their goal is to craft the world’s healthiest bread products and enable everybody to make them in German quality on their own. Anywhere and anytime!
Bready Mix are passionate about sharing, particularly their bread and their culture. This “connectitude” makes them grow and add purpose to their lives.