About Juicy Marbles™ Prime Plant Meats

They are a collective of creators who do food, science, and art. Their mission is to make food that feeds not only their body, but also their soul. The filet is the world's first marbled plant-based steak and it will take you into a whole 'nother dimension. The loin is the biggest piece of plant-meat ever conceived. The possibilities are endless with Juicy Marbles!

Marbles’ meats aren’t grown in a lab, 3D printed or made with shady chemicals. They're just channeling the energy of a large-cheeked grandma with a profanely vast knowledge of physics, and an innate desire to feed all living, breathing creatures. She has fluffy purple hair. She is small yet sturdy.

She wants you to enjoy your food and be healthy. And you know grandma doesn’t bring that 80’s idea of ‘health,’ which tasted as if the color beige somehow became safe for human consumption. Nobody knows how she can make you feel so cozy and yet so nourished. Her ways are unattainable by mere mortals.

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What People Have to Say
"If this is where plant-based protein is headed, consider us vegan-curious."
— Gear Patrol
"I'm ashamed of how much I didn't hate this plant-based steak."
— Hone Health
"Juicy Marbles may be the best thing to happen to the increasingly cramped category since Beyond Meat."
— The Manual
"Absolutely delicious, with mind blowing meat-like texture! Five stars."
— Cooking on Caffeine
"I was skeptical, having had lots of mock meat substitutes over many years. And we were taking a risk serving Juicy Marbles for Christmas Dinner. But man was I more than impressed!! It exceeded my expectations for taste, texture, moisture, and visual appeal. This was our first time buying or using this product, but it was easy to prepare and took to seasoning very well. We Evan came back 3 hours later and finished it off stone cold. Still amazing and delicious. I would 100% recommend this product for a delicious meat substitute meal!!"
— Duane S.
"Excellent! The flavors are so good! I have not had meat in a really long time, so I don’t know how accurate the imitation taste is, but I didn’t really care, it was delicious! The texture was amazing as well. I made a Wellington (recipe from their website) with it and it was the show stopper of the evening."
— Lindie V.
"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Never in my 7+ years of being vegan did I think I would see the day something so beautiful and tasty would make it to my dinner table ! #HighlyRecommend 👍 #VeganForLife ❤️"
— Tina M.
"When my son wanted me to cook a celebration meal for his graduation then I thought It was time to try Juicy Marbles! It was equally enjoyed by the vegans and meat eaters - what an exciting product! His quote “A delicious meal, no animals harmed and a tree planted…..winning!”."
— Liz S.
"This was our first go-round with this product - I was hoping it’d be worth the investment, and boy oh boy it did not disappoint!!!! We’re going to follow the suggestions and see what we can find."
— Sandy D.
"I was really skeptical, but curiosity prevailed. I love the filets and will definitely buy them again!"
— Alexandra D.C.
"Excellent! I have ordered these three times and I still can't believe it's not natural beef. I love them, and you will too! Highly recommend them."
— Paul M.
"Wow! Not sure how they managed to create this, but wow!"
— Ivo J.
"I just tried Juicy Marbles. I remember feeling like this 4 years ago the day I first tried an Impossible burger. I had been skeptical about Impossible. I tried it with no cheese and no condiments so I could taste the product itself. And it completely blew me away. As a longtime vegetarian who still misses the taste of meat, I considered Impossible a dream come true. And now Juicy Marble has done for filet mignon what Impossible did for burgers. The texture is amazing. The flavor is . . .filet mignon! Now it's true that I haven't eaten cow in almost 30 years, but Juicy Marbles has somehow captured the taste I remember. Maybe the definitive verdict comes from my cat, a finicky and devoted carnivore, who happily ate the pieces of Juicy Marbles I gave her."
— Pamela K
"Delicious. These juicy marble steaks are absolutely amazing. They have a smell slightly reminiscent of beyond meat when opening them. We fried according to directions and ate with some peppercorn sauce. Such a nostalgia hit, instantly reminded of my pre-vegan days. We'll definitely be ordering again for special occasions. Planning to do a beef bourguignon next time, can't wait! There was a problem in posting my initial order - the post office lost the package for a few days over the holidays. The order protection add-on made the reordering very simple and a new package was with me in no time. For frozen / chilled items I'd definitely recommend taking the order protection."
— Sean S.
"Excellent! The flavor and texture were beyond expectations. This delivered in every way!"
— Thalion G.
"The texture is amazing! Great mouth feel, fibrous, the chew is like real meat. Almost TOO tender."
— Val