About Katjes

Katjes is Europe's #1 plant based gummies brand! They're a family-owned since 1950 and are guided by their passion for high quality, their love for sustainability and their respect for animals and people.

Being conscious about the planet and being sustainability minded is at the core of the Katjes values, from being carbon neutral since 2020 to efforts in optimizing their energy consumption to supporting equal opportunities within the company to making candy without gelatin from animals. And they keep all this in mind while crafting gummy candy that tastes like sweet and sour happiness!

They use zero animal gelatin!

At Katjes, they believe that every life is precious. No need for any animal gelatin in their yummy gummy candy at all. Therefore, they replace animal gelatin with modified food starch, a perfect plant based substitute.

Palm oil? No thank you!

Palm oil plantations are spreading at the direct expense of tropical rainforests. They want to protect the rainforests. Therefore, their gummy candy is free from palm oil.

Better Together!

As a family-owned company, they care about people as individuals and are serious about equal rights and opportunities. They'll always embrace a world as colorful as our gummies!

Where does the name Katjes come from?

The Katjes story began when young Klaus Fassin made licorice cats from an age-old family recipe. He called them Katjes, the Dutch word for kittens, because he thought it was good luck. That name and Klaus's spirit of ingenuity and optimism have stayed with us all these years! In German, our brand is pronounced "Kaht yes" - so buy some plant-based gummies today and say, "Kaht, yes" to fun snacking!

say 'jes' to katjes plant-based gummies!
Customer reviews
Since we first tasted these treats, we love then. We have regular visitors from Germany & we ask them all to bring lots each time. We can't get enough of them. Absolutely delicious. (Katjes Salzige Heringe Gummies)
— Linda
These are too good. I ate them way too quickly. Not too salty and a really nice texture. (Katjes Salzige Heringe Gummies)
— Kristen
Love this brand. Loved getting these in Germany and glad to have found them in stock here!
— Luna
Weirdly Good! The first one tasted like the flavoured fluoride they use at the dentist but once you get past that they’re really good! I love the chewiness of them. (Katjes Fred Ferkel Gummies)
— Melissa