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Our Contribution to the Community

It's important for us to support and connect ourselves with different organizations and charities that deeply align with our values. Vegan Supply is here to make an impact on the world and that starts with our local community and extends beyond that. Whether it be through volunteering at sanctuaries or through donating gift cards and products, we want to care for our vegan community.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Donated vegan food and beverages for the RV Martin Sheen crew. With us by their side, Sea Shepherd is actively protecting endangered sea turtles from poaching, combatting illegal industrial fishing operations that destroy marine habitats, working to save the vaquita, and defending precious ecosystems from contamination. By investigating, documenting, exposing, and directly confronting illegal activities in the world’s oceans and on its shorelines, they will prevail.

Rabbit Rescue Inc.

Donated a gift card for silent auction fundraiser. They are a No Kill charity that services Southern Ontario and are dedicated to saving rabbits from abandonment, neglect, illness or injury and inhumane conditions. They are the largest rabbit rescue in Canada and assist the SPCA and Humane Societies with larger urgent cases. They provide programs and services that educates the public regarding animal welfare, and provides protection and adoption services to animals at risk of cruelty.

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

Donated a gift card for their 9th annual ThanksLiving event. This event involves a heartwarming ceremony where they surprise the turkeys and other birds with a Thanksgiving feast created specifically for them - including cranberries, raw pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, spinach salad, blueberries, and other healthy and delicious treats. Located in Dalton, Pennsylvania, they provide "heaven on earth" for farm animals that have nowhere else to turn. They inform, inspire, and empower the community on ways in which we can better care for ourselves and the environment while helping animals in need.  

Vegan Supply

Donation Recipients Testimonials

We love to highlight the incredible work being done by charities and organizations that are making a positive impact on the lives of animals and the environment. Scroll down to see what our donation recipients have to say about the generous donations our amazing customers have donated!

Excelsior 4

"Vegan Supply and its customers made generous and valuable donations to The Excelsior 4 Legal Defence Fund, which helped clear two of the four animal activists of outrageous criminal charges, and also gave the other activists the means to appeal the court's unjust decisions to forbid evidence of animal cruelty during their trial. Most importantly, however, this helped bring international attention to the suffering of animals at Excelsior Hog Farm and all animal farms across BC and Canada."

Secondhand Stories

"The donations we received from Vegan Supply helped us build a winter loft for our blind rescued rooster, Ellie. This loft allows Ellie an isolated area where he may feel safe, away from the potential hazard of being pecked by other residents, but with the social benefit of hearing fellow chickens. It's got a "Cozy Coop" heater to keep him warm and snug all winter long. Thanks to you, Ellie has a bachelor pad where he can live his best life!"

Manitoba All Shepherd Rescue

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank Vegan Supply and all who donated to Manitoba All Shepherd Rescue for the wonderful support we received from you all! Your generous donations helped provide our wonderful dogs and pups with the always ongoing veterinary expenses. Thank you so much for choosing to help animals in need!"

Black Sheep Retreat

"As an expat running a sanctuary, finding local support can be challenging. Without help from donors such as Vegan Supply, we would not be able to provide animals with safe homes, or rescue more. I'm so grateful for continued support from people and companies such as Vegan Supply who give back to the animals 💚"

The Fur-Bearers

"Being a monthly donation recipient at Vegan Supply has allowed us to continue to advocate for fur-bearing animals across Canada, and provide coexistence solutions to communities! These contributions help The Fur-Bearers save animal lives nationwide."

Surrey Cats

"The generous donations we received from Vegan Supply customers enabled us to spay/neuter and improve the health of cats whose owners were in financial need. Thank you to the vegan community!"

A Home For Hooves

"Your generosity and support by making a donation through Vegan Supply helps us provide a high standard of care that is given to all the animals at A Home for Hooves. It's because of your generosity and shared passion for helping animals that we can continue this important work."


"We are so grateful to the team and Vegan Supply for all their continued support of our P.E.A.C.E. Rescue and P.E.A.C.E. Farm Sanctuary programs. The money they have raised for our charity has gone towards the rescue costs of farmed animals we were able to help, as well as infrastructure for residents at our farm sanctuary, to give them a safe home."

Saving Grace Animal Society

"As an non profit charitable organization we rely solely on the kindness and support of our communities to run. Without donations and help from people like you, rescuing these animals would be impossible. Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of these animals."

Paws Unite People

"A heartfelt thanks to all the generous donations that went to Paws Unite People (PUP)! PUP is a US based charity that saves animals in need and the people who risk their lives for them. The funds raised were put to wonderful use to keep Afghan Veterinarians and Animal Rescuers and their families safe as they live in limbo since their escape from the Taliban. A few of the families since, have been able to secure citizenship to safe countries and a few came here to Canada. Many more are still awaiting visas and we continue to try and help them through PUPs amazing work. Thank you everyone for everything you do to help animals and the people that love them."

Lily's Place

"Caring for individuals who survived against the odds while advocating for those who didn't is, in a word, intense. Having Vegan Supply in our corner as an ally reminds us that we're not alone. We have a shared vision of a kinder world for animals, and Vegan Supply is offering practical solutions to help make that vision a reality. Thank you, Vegan Supply, for the financial support we received as a donation recipient. Your contribution to our organization spread further than simply financial - your support is helping us ensure safe refuge is available for farmed animals and gives us hope for the future - and that's priceless."

Hearts on Noses

"Hearts on Noses Sanctuary is honored to be the recipient of the monthly donation program. The donation we receive is directed right to the pigs bank account to be disbursed between feed and vet bills . With many of the pigs being seniors we are dealing with quite a few now with arthritic changes and dental issues. We were so excited when we were contacted to be represented by your companies this way and to have such great exposure at your locations. Thank you so much from the pigs and the Hearts On Noses Team."

Manitoba Animal Alliance

"Thank you Vegan Supply! Manitoba Animal Alliance is very grateful for being chosen in 2023 as one of the recipients of the virtual donation Jar. As an animal rescue, we feel it's important to walk the walk. We are currently in our 8th year of promoting vegan fundraisers within our group. When customers support that little extra into the virtual tip jar you're helping our team continue Northern work of animal rescue, prevention, protection, spay neuter clinics and awareness of the plight of the homeless northern dog. Team MAA"

Kabul Small Animal Rescue

"A massive thank you from KSAR. I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for supporting our auction and our animals. We were incredibly successful and raised almost $20,000 us for Charlotte to continue the amazing work she does. Without the incredibly generous support we could not have accomplished this. I'm attaching photos of our recent transformation of Blake who would not be alive today without KSAR."

Paws for Hope

"We are so grateful for Vegan Supply's support and appreciate their commitment to supporting people and their pets. What an amazing testament to a kinder world!"

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