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Wow - so many vegan and veg fests across Canada - check them all out!

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August 17, 2016 Add a comment

Discussion Post: Foods Past Their 'Best Before' Dates

Hello friends! Every now and then we'll be featuring blog posts which invite discussion on relevant subjects.

This week, we’ve added a Clearance section to our website:

These are items that have gone past their best before dates, but are arguably still perfectly fine. We’ve reduced the prices significantly as well.

Foods that come packaged in cans, jars, tetra paks and other sealed containers will also feature a best before date. This is rarely an 'expiration' date, but considered by the manufacturer (not a regulatory agency) the range of time the product will be most fresh and representative of their product. But this doesn't mean the food is 'bad' or 'spoiled' beyond that date.

We’re inviting a conversation on the topic, and would like to begin it with this recent John Oliver video where he discusses and reveals concerns with food waste and best before or expiry dates, and the issues behind them. Also, it's interesting to add that many food banks are happy to accept many products beyond the best before date (with the exception of baby food, meat and milk, and other ‘fresh’ products.)


What are your thoughts on the matter? How much weight do you give to best before dates? Would you, or do you eat items you find in the back of the cupboard that are past that date?

Join us in the conversation below!

- The Vegan Supply Team

[Edit: Added the cartoon from Bizarro.]

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July 28, 2015 Add a comment

Field Roast Sale & BBQ Pack Giveaway!

UPDATE: Congrats to Lavinnia R of Vancouver who's name was drawn to win the Field Roast BBQ pack! Make sure you're on our email list to get notifications of other fun promotions and giveaways. =)


Greetings everyone!

We've removed the password from our site and we're now operating as an open beta! There are also some tasty new goodies (see our front page for all the newest additions), and to celebrate we're dropping the price on Field Roast sausages to $7. Plus, everyone who purchases a Field Roast product (sausages or Chao cheeses) will be entered to win a fun little Field Roast BBQ Prize Pack which consists of a t-shirt, drink coolers, BBQ flipper, stickers and a few other little goodies. All orders with Field Roast products before Sunday at midnight will be entered.

We'll alert the winner by email, and will include your Field Roast BBQ gift pack in your delivery on Monday. (Note: reminder that we can only ship refrigerated items as far as two-day deliveries at this time during our Beta testing. Non-refrigerated items will be shipped everywhere.)

Get yourself some vegan goodies, and good luck!

- The Vegan Supply Team

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July 17, 2015 Add a comment

Welcome to!

Thanks for stopping by Canada's online vegan shop! We're here to get you the vegan fix you need.

We're carrying fantastic brands you're already familiar with, plus ones you may not - we may have your new favourite foods!

Placing orders is as easy as any other online shop - you can join our site and create a log in, or do a quick order. If you're in Vancouver or Surrey, we offer two 'Special' pick-up spots, where you can collect your order in person and save on shipping fees, or you can choose from several shipping express levels (standard delivery options to over-night.)

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

- The Vegan Supply Team

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April 26, 2015 Add a comment