Nurishh Garlic & Herb Spread & Dip - 227g

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By Nurishh

Nurishh Garlic & Herb Spread & Dip (227g)

Nurishh added just enough garlic and herbs to sunflower seeds to create the perfect balance. You’ll be able to reinvent your spreads and dips. 

SPREAD: Spread it on your crackers or put it in your sandwiches to give them more flavour and creaminess. Irresistible!

DIP: Dip in veggies, pretzels or tortilla chips and brighten up your afternoons or evenings. Your guests will love you even more.

IN COOKING : Put it in your favorite dishes to bring out the flavours. Discover their tasty spinach and pea pasta recipe.

Ingredients: Water, Hulled sunflower seeds, Bamboo fiber, Concentrated lemon juice (ascorbic acid), Garlic powder, Salt, Calcium citrate, Dried parsley and chives, White pepper powder

May contain: Sesame.