Rawesome Choco Raspberry Cheesecake - 95g

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Rawesome Choco Raspberry Cheesecake (95g)

NOTE: Ships frozen, return to freezer or consume within 5 days once thawed.

Certified organic, made only with the finest ingredients, Rawesome cakes are known for their richness, delicacy and superior quality. Gluten-free – with no flour – based on whole nuts, cold-pressed extra-virgin coconut oil and cacao butter, fresh fruit and freshly pressed fruit juices. No fillers nor preservatives, no refined sugars and soy-free. Great to enjoy with a cup of tea, coffee, or alcoholic beverages.

Ingredients: cashews, raspberries, agave nectar, cold-pressed extra-virgin coconut oil and cocoa butter, filtered water, cacao powder, dates, freshly pressed lemon juice, beet powder, sea salt.