Spread'Em Chives & Garlic Cashew Spread - 183g

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Brand: Spread'Em

Spread'Em Chives & Garlic Cashew Spread (183g)

NOTE: Product shipped frozen with 10 days shelf life and expires 6 months after the refrigerated best before date on the package.

This creamy cashew spread combines the flavours of chive, garlic and lemon.

  • Stir into rice or quinoa for veggie grain bowl action
  • Stir into pasta for a dairy-free alfredo sauce
  • Salad topping for extra protein
  • Dip your roasted potatoes or mixed root veggies
  • Put it on any sandwich or wrap for next level flavour
  • Avocado toast base or pizza base
  • Dollop on a bowl of vegan chili or hearty soup

Ingredients: Cashews, purified water, chives, garlic, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, salt, citric acid, bacterial culture.
Contains: Cashews

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