Vego Crunchy Fine Hazelnut Cocoa Spread - 200g

$7.49 CAD
By Vego

Vego Crunchy Fine Hazelnut Cocoa Spread (200g)

Crunchy - Our Vego Bar in a jar!

High quality ingredients like cocoa, roasted hazelnuts, cocoa paste, vanilla and shea butter are blended for the perfect hazelnut chocolate spread. Real crunchy, people love it on bread, donuts, desserts… or they just spoon it.

Comes in a reusable drinking glass.
Ingredients: Raw Cane Sugar*, Hazelnuts*, Sunflower Oil*, Cocoa Powder*, Shea Butter, Sunflower Lecithins*,  Extracted Vanilla Pods*. 
*= organic certified.
Contains: Hazelnuts. May contain: Almonds, Milk. 


Sugar, cocoa, vanilla are sourced, traded and audited as Fairtrade, total 56,8 %. Fairtrade sugar and cocoa may be mixed with non-certified sugar and cocoa on a mass balance basis.