Happy Veggie World Chicken Drumsticks - 265g

$9.99 CAD

Happy Veggie World Chicken Drumsticks (265g)

Happy Veggie World's world famous vegan drumsticks are the perfect plant-based snack for wing nights! These delectable bites made of tofu and bean curd come finished with a wooden stick for added 'authenticity' and for easy handling. Cover them in your favourite wing sauce or enjoy them naked!

Ingredients: NON-GMO textured soybean protein, Water, Soybean protein, Modified tapioca starch, Soybean oil, Maltodextrin, Dextrin, Yeast extract, Rapeseed oil, Sugar, Salt, Tofu skin (soybean, soybean protein, soybean oil, salt), Artificial flavour, Gum arabic, Silicon dioxide, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1

Contains: Soy, Wheat