Vivus Juicy Oven Baked Chick'n Bites - 150g

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Vivus Juicy Oven Baked Chick'n Bites (150g)

These oh so tasty soft, bite-sized treats are the perfect high-value tidbits for training and rewarding your pup!

The treats feature wholesome ingredients, combined into a mouth-watering, tasty, chewy treat. These treats are protein packed thanks to the beans, chickpeas and nutritional yeast. Miso, a fermentation product, packs an umami punch, but, more importantly, is full of probiotics and vitamins to promote a healthy gut. Hemp oil, flax seeds, and algae oil bring complimentary omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids for anti-inflammatory, skin and coat health.

*No chickens were harmed in the making of this treat!

Ingredients: Canelli beans, Chickpea Flour, Nutritional Yeast, Flaxseed, Miso, Hemp Seed Oil, Algae Oil, Himalayan Black Salt, Dried Rosemary, Dried Thyme.