Herbaland Oh My Stars! Banana Shake Fibre Gummies - 50g

$3.99 CAD

Herbaland Oh My Stars! Banana Shake Fibre Gummies (50g)

Oh my! These gummies are the best candy around, with only 2g of sugar and 25g of fiber per pouch. Made from plant-based ingredients and all-natural flavours, these gummies are the perfect healthy snack! Enjoy this healthy snack whenever you have the craving for something sweet but don't want the sugar crash!

Ingredients: Soluble tapioca fibre, Glycerin, Purified water, Isomalto-oligosaccharides, Pectin, Citric acid, Natural banana cream flavour, Sodium citrate, Organic stevia leaf extract, Carotene, Organic sunflower oil, Organic rice flour