Cold Pack - 6oz

$1.50 CAD

Cold Pack - 6oz

Ordering refrigerated or frozen items? We'll automatically include them for you but if you'd like the products to arrive extra cold, please add some more cold packs to your order!

After adding these to your Cart, if you want even more cooling protection for your order, you can add this insulated shipping box to your order.

Further, please refer to our cold shipping page for full details and recommendations of how many Cold Packs to include in your cold-item orders.

SPECIAL NOTE: we may replace these smaller 6oz ice packs with fewer larger ice packs if we feel it will be best for your shipment. For example, replacing 2 of the pictured 6oz ice packs with a larger one (12oz) that is twice the size and offers better cooling. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.