Gusta Chicken Salad - 240g

$6.99 CAD
By Gusta

Gusta Chicken Salad (240g)

Perfectly spiced up with carefully chosen spices, the plant-based chicken salad is perfect for any occasion: as a snack, for lunch or for dinner. With this salad, you can fill your sandwiches or wraps, top your crackers or spice up your salads, there is something for everyone. Add a hint of vegenaise and you'll be transported back to those comforting nostalgic dishes.

Ingredients: White beans, Water, Soy protein concentrate*, Onions, Celery, Canola oil, Coconut milk, Pea protein concentrate, Natural flavours, Cider vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Parsley, Citric acid, Spices.

Contains: Soy.