Veggie Outlaws *Most Wanted* Vegan Recipes By Linda Purcell

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Veggie Outlaws *Most Wanted* Vegan Recipes By Linda Purcell

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Veggie OUTLAWS — Most Wanted Vegan Recipes are simply the BEST plant-based
recipes. Learn how to make delicious vegan recipes that satisfy you right down to your

Discover dishes that are a feast for the eyes, a treat for the body, and pure satisfaction
in the belly. This book is chock-full of comfort foods like Friendly Mac ‘n’ Cheez;
Grandma’s Macaroni, Creamy Style; Spicy Chili Unfries with Chipotle Aioli; Desperado
Pizza with Dipping Sauce; Garlic Parsley Bread; Shepherdless Pie; Cabbage Roll
Casserole; Broccoli Bandit Soup; and wagonloads of other flavourful favourites, all
developed with a tasty twist.

Find crowd-pleasing brunches, tried-and-true appetizers, delightful salads and
dressings, hearty and filling soups, spectacular sides, satisfying pastas and risotto, a
wide variety of meals and mains, and of course — sinfully decadent desserts. Plus,
everything you need for a spectacular Holiday Meal, including a choice of mains, side
dishes, drinks, and desserts.

Create dangerously delicious plant-based food at home with Veggie OUTLAWS. So
don’t just stand there… Hop on Board!


Absolutely Love this Cookbook!
After starting my vegan journey, this cookbook has made it fun and enjoyable to learn
about plant-based meals and has shown me neat tricks to replace my favourite meals
with healthy alternatives so that I can still enjoy my food and be healthy!
The vegan characters are so cute and fun, especially Strawberry Sal and they inspire
me to eat healthier every time I look at them, and you can definitely consider me a
veggie OUTLAW! – Lisa F.

Tasty, Educational, Great Tips and Tricks, Entertaining
I love this book. As well as a variety of scrumptious recipes the book is interesting and
entertaining to read with humorous illustrations and amusing text. The recipes are also
easy to follow and educational. In the beginning of the book, there are details about the
variety of ingredients and their nutritional values and tricks and tips for cooking;
additionally, and each recipe gives nutritional information. Veggie OUTLAWS is so much
more fun than using the internet, as it provides vivid mouth-watering pictures,
descriptions, and entertaining informative text. –Michelle

Any Vegan Should Buy this Book
Veggie OUTLAWS — Most Wanted Vegan Recipes isn't just a guide; it's an idea that
has changed how I cook vegan food. This book is a must-have for any cook, whether a
seasoned vegan or just starting to explore plant-based choices. It doesn't just teach you
how to cook; every page contains ideas and inspiration. If you ride the Veggie OUTLAW
train, you'll be glad you did! –Book Bard

Highly Recommended!
Veggie OUTLAWS is a game-changer! With inventive vegan recipes that satisfy even
the toughest critics, this book has become my kitchen bible. From savory to sweet, each
dish is a flavor explosion. Highly recommend for anyone looking to add excitement to
their plant-based cooking!— Timothy A.

About the author:
Linda Purcell is the original Veggie Outlaw. She has a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate,
eCornell and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. This certificate includes
Plant-Based in Practice, Nutrition and Chronic Disease, and Nutrition and Society.
Raised on the standard American diet, Linda has been a plant-based enthusiast for
more than 14 years and now enjoys healthy vegan foods exclusively. Since 2008, she
has been driven by her love of experimenting with food to invent exciting ways to
combine different flavours, creating over 1,000 plant-based recipes. She constantly
researches how food impacts health, discovering and implementing the latest nutritional
findings. Her goal is to incorporate superfoods in delicious ways to make the Most
Wanted Vegan Recipes.