Yiayia and Friends Chili Pepper Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 200ml

$31.99 CAD

Yiayia and Friends Chili Pepper Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (200ml)

How do you improve a classic? Add more flavor! Yiayia and friends’ extra virgin olive oil, with low acidity and high nutritional value, enriched with the piquant flavor of chili peppers. Made of all natural ingredients with no unwanted additives, Yiayia and Friend's olive oil is sure to transport you to the island of Crete with one taste! Use as a delicious finishing touch on your next pizza or pasta or add a dose of extra spiciness to tofu, vegetables, soups and lentils for heartwarming and invigorating flavor.

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil flavoured with chili pepper.