Field Roast Plant-Based Pepperoni Slices- 141g

$10.49 CAD

Field Roast Plant-Based Pepperoni Slices (141g)

Authentically crafted to exceed expectations with a blend of anise, fennel, paprika, black pepper, garlic, and cayenne that is designed for the pizza lover.

Ingredients: Water, Canola Oil, Wheat Gluten, Potato Protein, Pea Protein, Methylcellulose, Yeast Extract, Maltodextrin, Salt, Carrageenan, Citric Acid (Preservative), Vinegar, Natural Flavor, Red Rice Flour (Color), Locust Bean Gum, Paprika Annatto Extract (Color), Xanthan Gum, Dried Garlic, Spice, Smoked Sugar (Sugar, Water, Smoke), Paprika (Color), Sodium Alginate, Paprika Oleoresin (Color), Citrus Fiber, Garlic Juice Concentrate, Sunflower Oil, Fava Bean Protein, Glutamic Acid, Smoke Flavour.

Contains: Wheat.