Thrilling Foods Bakon Strips - 227g

$17.99 CAD

Thrilling Foods Bakon Strips (227g)

Thrilling Bakon™ is made only from whole plant food using traditional methods. The centuries old art of tofu making is combined with the even older methods of salt and smoke curing to bring you every bit of the traditional flavor you crave. The look, the smell, the taste and chew, all without sacrificing good taste or the planet.

BLTs, salads, cheeseburgers, pasta carbonara, baked potatoes, doughnuts, you name it. Anywhere you would use traditional bacon, Bakon Strips is the perfect meaty, crispy, deeply satisfying substitute. All the taste with zero sacrifice!

About The Brand: 

Bakon™ is the creation of David Jones, a lifelong cook, experimentalist and entrepreneur. 

David had wanted to embrace full-time vegetarianism for years, but felt that every time he tried, the meat substitutes available in the stores were simply not as tasty, satisfying or healthy as he wished for.

A key breakthrough came in 2019, when David discovered several innovative techniques that led to the delicious, crispy, mouth-watering taste of the Bakon™ people across the USA love today.

Ingredients: Soy milk (water, non-GMO soybeans), sustainable non-hydrogenated palm oil shortening, natural flavor, natural vegetable color (radish and paprika), maple syrup, sea salt, black pepper, citric acid.