West Coast Seeds Summer Blend Kale Seeds - 1g

$3.89 CAD

West Coast Seeds Summer Blend Kale Seeds (1g)

This selection of kale varieties that thrive in the warmth of summer is intended for succession planting, starting early in the year. Sow short rows at three week intervals for a perpetual supply of baby greens, and allow half the crop to continue maturing into the cool weather at the end of summer. Grow the Summer Kale Blend in full sun to partial shade, in the garden beds or patio containers. Choose containers depending on the size intended for harvest - larger containers for larger plants. Enjoy tender baby leaf kale in salads and wraps, or chop into soups for added nutrition. This blend includes Red Russisan, Vates Blue, and Lacinato.

Matures in 40-60 days.