Workshop Vegetarian Cafe Matcha Mochi Cake Mix - 500g

$17.99 CAD

Workshop Vegetarian Cafe Matcha Mochi Cake Mix (500g)

Bouncy, cushiony, and chewy, simply a texture you can’t get enough of! The Plant-Based Workshop recipe was created paying a homage to their favourite childhood desserts made from pounded sticky rice. Again, exploring the best of both worlds from fluffy North American cakes and the dense, chewy goodness of Japanese Mochi. A hybrid is born. Impress your party guests. The mochiko, or sweet rice flour, is what gives the cake its unique quality, and the earthy matcha makes it bittersweet. This desserts elegance absolutely masks it’s ease!

Ingredients: Non-GMO sweet rice flour, organic cane sugar, organic matcha powder, aluminum free baking powder, salt.