Chef Woo Vegan Braised Beef Flavour Ramen - 85g

$2.29 CAD

Chef Woo Vegan Braised Beef Flavour Ramen (85g)

Comfort food! That’s Chef Woo's Braised Beef flavour. With 20g of protein, this instant ramen combines the goodness of plant-based ingredients with the mouthwatering flavours.

Ingredients: Organic ramen noodles (organic unbleached flour, organic sunflower oil, organic pea protein isolate, salt, potassium carbonate, sodium tripolyphosphate, guar gum, sodium carbonate), Seasoning (salt, sugar, hydrolyzed soy and corn protein, maltodextrin, dehydrated vegetables [onion, garlic, chives], yeast extract, caramel colour, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, spices, natural flavours, paprika).

Contains: Wheat, Soy.