RIND Aged Classic CamBleu Mini Cheese Wheel - 185g

$17.99 CAD

RIND Aged Classic CamBleu Mini Cheese Wheel (185g)

NOTE: Please expect 5-10 days shelf life as this is a perishable item.

NOTE: These cheeses use a proprietary blend of cultures and some are more dominant than others sometimes since environmental conditions can vary. RIND cheese is more similar to a tomme. For your reference, here's some information on tommes that describes the type of exterior mold that is typical to the style: https://culturecheesemag.com/cheese-iq/tommes/.

Cambleu is a pairing of bleu and camembert.  A bloomy, edible white camembert and intense bleu mold rind encases a smooth, buttery body. Bleu (sometimes appearing green or black) veins may appear, creating piquancy in this sharp, rich and umami soft-ripened cheese. 


cashew nuts, tofu (soymilk [filtered water and soybeans], glucono-delta-lactone*, calcium chloride), coconut oil, salt, nutritional yeast, cultures.