Babybel Plant-Based Cheese - 100g

$6.99 CAD
By Babybel

Babybel Plant-Based Cheese (100g)

Introducing Babybel® Plant-Based, the new dairy-free snack! The same unique experience we know from Babybel, now in a certified plant-based, non-GMO and 'Vegan Society' version that the whole family will love! Babybel’s same signature wax coating is changing colors to an iconic green, so it’s easy for families and kids to identify.

The pouch is also made with 100% paper hence recyclable, and the cellophane is compostable at home! The product is coming in a convenient 5 portions format, perfect for a lunchbox or to grab on your way out. A great option for vegans, flexitarians or simply the curious!

Ingredients: Water, Potato modified starch, Coconut oil, Natural flavors, Calcium citrate, Citric acid, B-Carotene (color).