About Living Alchemy

Living Alchemy is a BC based business that specializes in traditionally fermented, non-GMO, certified organic, whole food supplements exclusively to the natural health channel in Canada and the United States.

Since their journey began in 2016, they have made our mark by shifting paradigms and exploring new ways to bring optimal wellness, centered around innovative and sustainable natural health products using the very best traditional and natural fermentation techniques. They leverage a combination of diverse strains of beneficial bacteria, yeasts, mycelia, and an ageing process, all of which are living and performing in harmony to activate nutrients.

From the beginning, Living Alchemy has set out to enhance the lives of people by improving their health. Their goal is not only to alleviate symptoms, but to provide natural solutions to these unsolved long-term problems through the creation of fermented organic whole food supplements.

About Their Products

Living Alchemy uses ancient fermentation practices to bring their ingredients to life. They have a diverse lineup of products, like probiotics, herbal synergy blends, individual fermented herbals, koji fermented minerals. The common thread between these products is they're vegan, shelf stable (no refrigeration required), and include fermented ingredients.

Living Alchemy uses the ancient art of fermentation to activate herbs and foods into their superior form for their premier fermented whole food supplements. Their formulas are produced using a traditional fermentation process containing diverse strains of microorganisms from a kefir and kombucha living culture.

This process is what they call Symbio® and it delivers the complete, activated herb within a living food matrix for exceptional bioavailability and effectiveness. Every one of their products that has supporting or targets whole food herbs undergoes this month long Symbio®  process.

Koji is the Japanese word for “cultured grain". Koji fermentation involves cultivating the koji fungus on a substrate such as rice, barley, or soybeans. During fermentation, the koji breaks down the carbohydrates and proteins in the substrate, producing a variety of enzymes and beneficial compounds such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Koji fermentation has been clinically shown to release certain minerals more slowly for increased absorption and effectiveness. In addition, their koji fermented supplements are gentle on the stomach which is unique to most minerals products.

At Living Alchemy, they believe in formulating supplements to the highest standard and that means starting with the cleanest whole food ingredients. And why wouldn’t they? Your health is their number one priority, which means we are as obsessed with what goes in their products as we are with what stays out of them. Each and everyone of their products are certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) which has done rigorous testing to verify all of our ingredients come from organic plants grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms or ionizing radiation.

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What People Have to Say
"Powerful little cold and flu kicker! As a holistic nutritionist, I love the idea of using natural herbs and superfoods to combat bacteria, or fungal build up in the body. I SWEAR by this product! Whenever I start to feel a little tickle in my throat, a bit of a sniffle, or even if I'm feeling run down and know my immune system is in a pinch --I have 1-3 of these a day and within a day or two I'm back to normal! Excellent formula!" (Defense)
— Jennifer
"Mommy energy booster! I LOVE this product! I normally don't eat breakfast so this was the perfect morning energy booster for me as a busy mom of 2 girls under 5. I wake up, have my lemon water and then my ashwagandha (since you don't need to have it with food). 5 stars for this mommy fuel!" (Ashawaganda)
— Anna
"I have been using Living Alchemy products for about 1.5 years and they have become pretty much the only supplements I take now. The quality of the products is so good, from the ingredients used to the manufacturing details, they check every box for me! I started off taking the Turmeric to manage some pain in my back, it works so well and the benefits of Turmeric are so much greater than just pain relief that I continue to take it daily as I feel it’s so good for overall health and longevity. I highly recommend all the products by Living Alchemy! If I talked about all the ones I take and why this would be way too long! Thank you Living Alchemy!" (Turmeric)
— Melissa
"Warrior has drastically improved my day to day energy levels and without any spike or crash. It is such a phenomenal balanced energy that is long lasting and consistent. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s truly a wonderful product. I’ve tried other ginseng products and they give me jitters, this one does not at all. Thank you warrior for bringing me back to life!" (Warrior)
— Diana
"Finally an iron for me!As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I am always searching the market for a highly bioavailable and absorbable iron that is gentle on the stomach. In the past, most irons I have used have led to constipation or an inescapable uncomfortable fullness in the stomach. Since starting Living Alchemy women’s iron, not only has my stool remain unaffected, but my energy has been booming! Thank you Living Alchemy for clearly another great product!" (Women's Iron)
— Kristina
"In just 1 week my problems were completely gone. Until I was 27 years old, I suffered from chronic constipation due to bloating, which sometimes made me very uncomfortable. When I discovered Living Alchemy's "comfort" product from the Your Flora range, in just 1 week my problems were completely gone and my quality of life became much more pleasant! Thank you for this wonderful range!" (Your Flora Comfort)
— Gabrielle
"Pure MAGIC! I tried Your Flora Woman as I was having some UTI type stuff going on and I'm pretty sure it's what fixed me, so I bought 3 more bottles! Seriously amazing product! Well done!" (Your Flora Woman)
— Kate
"It actually works! Finally, something that helps eases my stress, calms my nerves and supports my energy levels during the day, & makes me a better parent! Plus I love that it is all natural and one bottle goes a long way!" (Stress Less)
— Diana