About Stroop Club

Stroop Club was born when the founders Chantal & Tako moved from 'stroopwafel country' The Netherlands to the USA. Bringing their national snack to the States made them able to make new friends fast. As avid scuba divers, climbers and hikers, they realized they had to work as hard as they could to build Stroop Club as sustainable as they could. This results in:

  • All non-GMO, all plant-based, organic and ethically sourced ingredients.
  • Working mostly with women and minority owed companies.
  • Making their shipments carbon neutral.
  • Using the most environmentally friendly packaging materials around.

Stroop Club has world's first and only organic certified and vegan stroopwafels! With all of their sustainability efforts and donations, this is truly your guilt free treat ;)

About The Products

Stroopwafels, or caramel waffles, are the national cookie of The Netherlands: Two thin, chewy cinnamon-y waffle cookies are sandwiched together with delicious gooey caramel. Traditionally made with butter and eggs, Stroop Club shows the world they're as delicious and even healthier without any animal products! Heat them up on top of your coffee or tea for a minute and make the caramel melt in your mouth. With their traditional, chocolate, chai, and coffee flavors, you'll never get bored!

stroop, there it is!

Save yourself the jet lag and enjoy the Dutch Stroopwafel experience where ever you are in the world. Dunk them, take them on the go, eat them for breakfast or dessert, enjoy them anytime, all the time, anywhere! Keep scrolling for some simple recipe ideas.

Customer reviews
So good! The coffee flavour in these is amazing!
— Melissa
Solid! Pretty tasty and love that it's a chocolate cookie. Nice with a cup of tea.
— Megan
Excellent! Could eat a BOX of these, they are absolutely delicious!!!!
— Cicily
Excellent! These are so good! Crunchy and chewy and delicious.
— Sarah
Excellent! One of my new favourite vegan supply treats! My only regret is that I only bought one package.
— Jadzia
Great! These are amazing! I like them better than conventional Stroop waffles. Highly recommend. I’m so glad to have found these at Vegan Supply.
— Stephanie
These cookies are fantastic! Especially with coffee! Recommend for anyone who has a sweet tooth or enjoys biscuits with their coffee or tea!
— Anonymous
These are my new absolute favorite thing! I wish the package came with more because it's super hard to not eat the whole pack in one go!
— Anonymous