About Thrilling Foods

Thrilling Bakon™ is the creation of David Jones, a lifelong cook, experimentalist and entrepreneur. David had wanted to embrace full-time vegetarianism for years, but felt that every time he tried, the meat substitutes available in the stores were simply not as tasty, satisfying or healthy as he wished for. Those experiences always left him pining for a crispy, chewy, deeply flavorful and savory protein. So, as a lifelong cook for family and friends, he began to experiment with healthy whole foods to perfect the meatless meals that would satisfy. He found that if you want to make a better tofu-based meat substitute, you need to have a better tofu. David began to learn the ancient art of tofu making, from bean to cake. Afterwards, he began to experiment by making changes and additions to the process that created new tofu products.

A key breakthrough came in 2019, when David discovered several innovative techniques that led to the delicious, crispy, mouth-watering taste of the Bakon™ people across the USA love today. Customer response was overwhelming, and a few months later he partnered with longtime entrepreneur Jared Hansen to help found the company, Thrilling Foods, and to help make it capable of  bringing Bakon™ and other plant-based meat products to a global market.

What Does it Taste Like?

Thrilling Bakon™ tastes pretty darn close to traditional pork bacon. Some meat eaters have been unable to taste the difference. In fact, it's so close in both taste and smell that some longtime vegan customers have said it was uncomfortably close for them.

Thrilling Bakon™ has a deep umami flavor, are naturally hard-wood smoked and dry salt cured just like the old school product, and provide an authentic crunchy-chew that will have you coming back for more.

How Do I Cook It?

If you are frying Thrilling Bakon™ in a skillet you should set the burner temperature to a low medium. It takes a little longer but that way you will get a golden brown crispy Bakon without any burning or over-browning. The time on each side in the skillet can be 5 to 7 minutes yielding from a chewy to a very crisp Bakon.

If you are baking your Thrilling Bakon™ in the oven you can set it at 350-375 degrees Fahrenheit (175 - 190 degrees Celsius) No flipping is necessary in the oven and the time can be from 10-15 minutes convection and 15-20 minutes in a standard oven.

What Can I Use This For?

Swap out traditional bacon with Thrilling Bakon for all your dishes! The options are endless and below are some classic and creative ways to use it. Use your imagination!

Use Thrilling Bakon™ for your classic BLTs, breakfast sandwiches, (vegan) meat lovers pizza, cobb salad, loaded baked potato, vegan quiche, vegan mac and cheese, carbonara pasta, nachos, maple Bakondonuts, and much more! It's perfect for both savoury and sweet dishes.

Thrilling Foods Bakon™
Customer reviews
Best Vegan Bacon I've had! Strips are nice and thick which is so good for sandwiches. They seasoning on the sides made far superior to any other not bacon I've had. It cooks like bacon, you can go almost crispy, crispy or extra and it still keeps its chewy-Ness! 100% will be buying again. Worth the extra $$!
— Sarah
Great! I love the texture, it has a nice chew, and the flavour is delicious. Fries up just like Bacun- same sizzle, same grease lol My new favourite vegan Bacun since PlantBase is gone.
— Tasenka
Highly recommended! First time seeing/buying these and it is really good. It is very different than the Veggie World bacon I usually buy. We loved the peppery thick slices and will definitely buy again.
— Frances
Extremely tasty! Flavor is yummy and cooks well.
— Jil
Fantastic! It cooked up nice and tasted AMAZING! The seasoning makes it taste great.
— Duane
Deeeelicious! Smells like bacon, tastes like bacon... this is pretty wonderful stuff!
— Eilidh
Fantastic! I've made my own vegan bacon and it's ok but the Bakon Strips were excellent.
— Anonymous
Highly recommended! By far the best bacun I’ve ever tried. I made BLTs with it and was in heaven. Bought two more packs immediately.
— Jenny