Purveyors of the finest gourmet Greek goods, Hellenic Farms works directly with a network of artisan producers and suppliers to source the finest quality food products from all over Greece. Their aim is not only to bring their local expertise of Greek premium products to a wider audience, but to educate customers on the health benefits of Greek products and Grecian gastronomy.


This is a story about YIAYIA. A Greek granny together
with her animal friends spreads the message of family
values through food related stories and experiences
conceptualized with a fresh perspective and a sense of
humor. This mono-varietal, Koroneiki, olive oil is a
product of Crete Island. A perfect balance between
fruity and earthy notes, making it the ideal oil for
seasoning your favorite salads or high-temperature

Certified 100% Woman Owned

Vivianna's journey into all things Greek began when she decided to leave her hectic life in New York City and follow her heart to Greece. Coming from a lineage of foodies, her paternal grandfather owned the only bodega in the village of Armolia, Xios where surrounding villagers were and still are mastic farmers. There is a unique natural resin that only grows on the island of Xios and Vivianna always knew that really good, all-natural, traditional food existed in Greece.

Gourmet Greek Products

Explore the rich flavors and traditions of Greece with our curated selection of vegan Greek food products from Hellenic Farms and Yiayia and Friends. Indulge in the Mediterranean goodness with delectable fig salami and savor the exquisite taste of Yiayia and Friends Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These plant-based delicacies are a true embodiment of Greek culinary excellence. Take your dishes to a new level with these products!

What Can I Use This For?

The Hellenic Farms Fig Salamis are made with 100% Greek figs, with no added sugars, are certified non-GMO and gluten free. They are perfect paired with your favourite crackers, vegan cheeses, fresh fruit, stuffed olives, and preserves on a charcuterie board!

The Yiayia and Friends Extra Virgin Olive Oils can be used in salad dressings, with focaccia, in high-temperature cooking, and much more!

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Customer reviews
Fantastic! It was delicious. It reminded me of a homemade one I had in New Zealand! (Hellenic Farms Almond and Pepper Fig Salami)
— Sandra
Fantastic! A really delicious snack! ( Hellenic Farms Pistachio and Pepper Fig Salami)
— Anonymous