About Yo Egg!

At Yo Egg, they're on a mission to become the largest and most sustainable egg producer in the world, without the use of chickens. They think that their first-of-their-kind, runny-yolk-like-you-wouldn't-believe products have the potential to change the egg industry, and they hope you'll come along with them on this very egg-citing and delicious journey.

Yo Egg's co-founder Yosefa spent hundreds of hours developing Yo Eggs to get them exactly right. And at last, she cracked it: the perfect white and perfect yolk, together in one magnificent, eggy symphony and ready for any dish in need of the perfect plant-based poached egg.

Get that warm, runny-yolk joy you know and love. Made primarily of soy and chickpea, these poached or fried vegan eggs are a must have item for that amazing eggs-perience! Hello breakfast plates, bennies, sandwiches, and much more!

one of a kind vegan poached egg!
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What People Have to Say
"Hands down innovation to the maximum extent. There is nothing like it in the industry."
— Ana Maria R.
"This is an amazing egg substitution, answering a need for egg preparations, that have no current solution for in quality and functionality!"
— Einav G.
"Our team was amazed at the ability to hit key egg attributes in a vegan way! ... the egg white and egg yolk are breaking all rules that we see in the plant-based egg space."
— Bruno B.
"The Yo Egg is one of the best-tasting and innovative products I have seen come to market in years. It is a game changer in the plant-based world as well as the restaurant community in general."
— Kajsa A.