What Our Customers Have To Say
The customer service rep at Vegan Supply was so helpful in both placing my order from the US for pick up, but then changing to shipping when we had to cancel our trip. The advent calendar itself is SO good, I had my first piece of chocolate yesterday and it was so flavorful and yummy. Highly recommend.
— Kirsten
Awesome store with a great selection of vegan chocolates, sweets, baked goods, more vegan cheeses than you've ever seen in one spot, and a banging freezer section - and that's not the half of it! Always friendly staff and helpful even when they don't stock what you're looking for (a one time occurrence).
— Christina
Great experience. Staff is very friendly, wonderful product options you find anywhere else. Love that I don’t have to guess if it’s vegan or not!
— Jennifer
They have a great selection of vegan foods and are constantly adding new items. It's nice to have a place to go where I don't need to check the ingredients of anything! The staff are very friendly and helpful.
— Reshma
This place has all the best vegan friendly alternatives from faux meats to cheeses to candies! If your trying to make a change in your lifestyle and live a more sustainable way without giving up those tasty foods and snacks then this is the place for you to shop!
— Da Costa
I am from Vancouver Island and stopped in to shop with my daughter and I was pretty impressed with the selection of items and the price . Staff was very courteous especially since we had questions about some of the food ingredients.
— Charlene
Cool little shop with all your vegan needs, they carry my favourite vegan cheese! You can get much than vegan cheese though. Foods of all varieties, and clothes, and body care products, and more!!
— Noah
A vegan oasis in Vancouver! I gotta remind myself to go there instead of ordering my vegan stuff online... they have absolutely everything for very good prices! They also carry some baked good from other places, I particularly love the cookies from Bonus Bakery.
— Bianca
Customer service: 5/5 stars Selection: 5/5 stars Price: 5/5 stars.
— Ruth
Love this place, I'm vegetarian and my boyfriend is lactose intolerant/GF so we were excited to have so many options for both of us here!!
— Emma
It is so difficult to find vegan products in grocery stores, and even organic and natural food stores. I'm so grateful this store is available. It is accessible for wheelchair users. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, the store is clean and odor free, and there is a variety of products and brands for all my vegan needs. Delivery is pretty quick, and email inquiries are usually answered within a few hours. The only thing I wish is that there were more locations! One in Surrey center and one in Burnaby would be great!
— JB
It's so wonderful being about to visit this place in person after ordering from them online for years while living outside of Vancouver. Incredible selection, super kind staff, and I love the order online, pick up in store option. This is a vegan haven.
— Andrea
The staff here are SO FRIENDLY, super knowledgeable and great to chat with! If you are vegan/vegetarian or just love yummy food, I would go check them out! I have only been to the Chinatown location cause I live close by, but they are LITERALLY DISNEYLAND for vegans, haha the whole shop is full of every kind of type of food, sauces, clothing, stickers, etc that you could ever want! There’s fresh, frozen, and pantry items, you never have to worry about having to miss your favourite old meal anymore cause I totally bet they have something to help you make it vegan! It can be overwhelming when you first go cause it’s so exciting so look online first if you want to have a better idea of what you are going in for! Also you can order online and then get it SHIPPED to you in these times or go quickly pick up at the back of the shop if you are trying to avoid more contact! The photos I posted here are from their Instagram except the last one, that’s mine personally and I can’t STOP RAVING about the Sol Cuisine Roast, I went and bought 5 of them 😂 thank you so much for existing Vegan Supply ❤️🙏🏻
— Michelle
Support local and know your money spent is going to the right lifestyle choice. Sure I can buy some of their products at a major chain for less. But why would I do that? Isn't being Vegan about making the right choices? I feel a store willing to brave a select market versus pandering to the masses deserves my few extra dollars. Plus anyone who complains about pricing should do a better job comparison shopping because the prices and selection here are fantastic! And they make incredible cookies.
— Brian
Vegan Supply is fantastic. A passionate team is stocking a huge variety of interesting plant-based foods, plus lots of fun sauces and shirts. They carry a ton of brands I'd never heard of (plus vegan dog food). The prices are all fair. This will definitely be my go to grocery store from now on.
— Alan
All the staff are so helpful and sweet, they are more than willing to help you with anything you may need. I can always find whatever product I am looking for as this location is always so well stocked with amazing different items.
— Chelsea
The best vegan selection in Vancouver! So many unique products. I love ordering online. Great customer service too!
— Madison
Amazing store amazing staff. This store has everything. We need more family stores like this.
— Randeep
For all my plant-based needs! Living in a small town, our grocery store doesn't have many plant-based options, so Vegan Supply is my go to for making up the difference.
— Alan
I drive an hour to shop here. The staff is informative, courteous and always makes sure my order is packed properly for the trip home. Love shopping here.
— Leo
This place has sooo many great options to choose from! I personally love that they offer a wide variety of fake meats and cheeses and even have some really cool merch to buy!My personal favourite candy bar they sell “the joker” is better than the real snickers! 🙌🏻 highly recommended!
— Adrian
Everything about Vegan Supply is great. They have a lot of items that can't be found anywhere else; they are easy to deal with; i.e., respond quickly to emails, answer questions. The folks who are a part of the Vegan Supply team are helpful, attentive, polite, and care about their customers.
— Suzanne
Fantastic! Such easy shopping! No hoops to jump through!! Made a mistake choosing delivery- my order was picked and set aside until issue resolved. Then quickly sent and received before expected date!!!
— L.J.
So happy that you deliver! I live on Vancouver Island and it is difficult to find such a big selection of vegan goodies. Thank you for constantly getting new stock and making it very easily accessible.
— Jade
A store where I don’t have to constantly check if everything is vegan or not. It’s a step towards the dream. It’s got a great selection and their donuts were just incredible- not too sweet and well filled. Get the mango raspberry donuts. The people working here are awesome and full of love. The boutique below is also cool with a lot of interesting options- more feminine skewed it felt like. Next step is to progress towards single use plastic free and other negative environmental impact free (like no palm oil).This is the store we will go every time we are in Vancouver, CA.
— Kevin
Highly recommended! The customer service was exceptional. I have never purchased from this company before today, and I was ordering items for a Vegan friend for the holidays. There were specific items she wanted, and I was able to find them all here. After placing my order, I was contacted by customer service and offered a different method of shipping, due to some of my items possibly being compromised during delivery. Everything arrived extremely well packed, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
— Adrianne
Unique store with a lot of healthy goods! Relatively inexpensive organic & unique goods available, whereas other stores tack on high premiums for any products that are organic.
— Youngsung
Fantastic! I go in with my modest list and come out with that and new items to try and I am thrilled! Staff gives great advice on products to try. My favourite day of the week!
— Kim
Great communication, shipping, and products. This is my first order and I will definitely order again. It's hard to find these products where I live. The two-day shipping in an insulated box worked well for frozen products. Had to adjust my order and email communication was prompt. The food itself is delicious and it's awesome to be able to try new things out that you don't see in your local grocery store!
— Jane
Love this place. Love that they do Victoria drop offs to save us islanders from shipping. So many fun products that I can’t find elsewhere and have to actively restrain myself from spending my life savings. Also the clearance program of selling close to expiry or expired items for a huge discount is something so rarely seen. Kudos!
— Sam
Vegan Supply has everything, and the fact that I can order on a Monday and get my delivery the very next day is unparalleled. Shopping is very reasonable, items arrive incredibly well-packed, and questions are answered promptly by friendly, efficient staff. Absolutely love this place, and now I never have to go without my favourite vegan products if I can’t get them in my city.
— Alisha
Highly recommended! It’s a vegan/ vegetarian heaven with very knowledgeable and friendly humans working there.
— Scott
I order from them online as I'm from Victoria and I really appreciate how accommodating they are to make my packages plastic free. I also appreciate how a lot of brands that they sell are local. They have a great selection of delicious food.
— Meagan
Fantastic! Online ordering is always a breeze and the delivery driver has always been lovely. Living in the lower mainland, I don’t get a chance to visit the locations regularly. I have been to the Chinatown location a few times and the staff is lovely and the shop is well organized and clean.
— Jenna
I didn't even know this wonderful place existed until I walked through China Town one day. Thank you for supplying so many vegan friendly products. Perfect place to shop for my vegan friends 😸✌️🙂
— Patrick
It's so wonderful being about to visit this place in person after ordering from them online for years while living outside of Vancouver. Incredible selection, super kind staff, and I love the order online, pick up in store option. This is a vegan haven.
— Andrea
Excellent! Very focused on customer needs! I live in the US so fast shipping is a must. I can't say enough positive things about the customer service I received and how responsive the team was to all of my questions and concerns. Thank you so much!!
— Krista
Friendly staff and great prices. They have one of the biggest varieties for vegan food, would definitely recommend to all of my vegan friends or people with dairy and or gluten allergies.
— Manny
Wonderful staff, great products, fair prices. Can't ask for much more than that! I'm grateful I live nearby, though they also offer shipping which is great in a pinch!
— Maureen
An eclectic mix of vegan items, from clothing, to every type of vegan food and a large assortment of vegan goodies. Friendly and helpful staff.
— Sea
Discovered this place today. Was blown away by the level of service. The one lady who helped me was great. Without being asked, she helped me find what I was looking for, offered me a sample of nut cheese, and recommended loads of great foods. Definitely going back again soon. Thank you!
— Van
This store is so well stocked with so many options. The owners are fantastic, they will bring in special orders if you can't find what you are looking for. The prices are comparable to anywhere else, and there is parking.
— Beth
I was SO excited to find this gem when I first went Vegan. All of my non-vegan favs were blown out of the water with the products they offer. They offer grocery store items, vitamins, body and skin care products, activism apparel and accessories, and so much more. Online ordering options also available for when you can't make it in person. If you have not been, check it out! The staff are also super friendly and knowledgeable. Support local, Support Vegan!
— Amber
Vegan Supply has amazing staff, is vegan owned, and has a massive array of specialties, staples, and other not common but very excellent products. They have been carrying our locally produced items since day one and are a great support to the vegan community here in Vancouver and across Canada. Use their website to get direct shipment if you don't live in Vancouver.
— David @ PlantBase Food