Peace People Project 'Vegan' Shirts

$34.99 CAD


The Peace People Project was born out of a deep love for our world and a yearning for peace for all beings. Between adventures, events and activism, the founder, Tosha frequently visits local thrift shops to source previously-loved pieces of clothing, so that she can create shirts to advocate for a better world without harming it in the process.

She offers many free festivals, workshops, and events to welcome people into this beautiful movement, to build community, and to inspire and enable positive changes.

She cares about our world and she thinks it's rad that you care, too!

Each piece is hand selected, screen printed (or embroidered), resulting in 100% unique, one-of-a-kind upcycled apparel with vegan messaging. 

Peace People Project prints important messages onto thrifted apparel to inspire the world without harming it. 100% upcycled. 50% to sanctuaries.

Note: Image colouring my differ from actual article of clothing due to variants in lighting and camera used. These pieces are upcycled from thrifted clothing. Minor imperfections can be expected.