Spurge 'Desert Botanicals' Vegan Food Wrap - 3 Pack

$33.99 CAD
By Spurge

Spurge 'Desert Botanicals' Vegan Food Wrap (3 Pack)

This desert theme has lots of hidden creatures; horses, rabbits, and a variety of botanicals. A more neutral option of our plant-based wraps.

Please note the wrap variations are subject to availability and the variety you receive may not be exactly like the photo shown. For example, your large wrap may be the leaves instead of blue creatures like the photo shows.

A Spurge wrap is a sustainable, 100% plant based alternative to plastic wrap.

Spurge wraps are made of sustainably sourced Candelilla wax, tree resins, and jojoba oil, infused into 100% cotton fabric.

Spurge can be used to wrap food such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, vegan cheese, you name it! They also make great lids for food storage containers, and for covering bowls.

Spurge wraps can be used over and over again for up to a year.

Spurge wraps must be washed in cool water with a gentle soap. You can use a damp cloth to wipe them clean, or simply run them under the tap. Do not wash in warm or hot water as the wraps will melt! Do not scrub the wraps with a dish scrub as this will remove the wax coating.

Warm up the Spurge wrap in your hands before use. Crumple it up in a ball, stretch it, twist it, whatever! The warmth of your hands will activate the stickiness and make it more flexible.

Each pack of 3 has:
1 x Small (18cm x 18cm)
1 x Medium (25cm x 25cm)
1 x Large (33cm x 33cm)