Milk Alternatives are HERE TO STAY!! 

With National Milk Day coming up on January 11th, we wanted to bring light to the many, many….did we say many? milk options that are animal free, totally nutritious, and completely delicious! 

By now, we all know the terrible truth that humans acquire milk from animals by forcibly impregnating them, then taking the milk intended for the animals' infants, and consuming it for themselves. This causes unnecessary suffering to both mother and child, and it’s completely un-needed because there are SO many milk options available that do not involve animal suffering! 

And in comparison to cow's milk, unsweetened non-dairy milks generally have fewer calories, less sugar, and less fat. Plant milks are ideal for anyone who is vegan, lactose-intolerant, allergic to milk, watching their cholesterol intake, or wanting to live a compassionate and cruelty free lifestyle! 

Please enjoy this comprehensive list, well tested by vegans, non-vegans, and inbetween-gans that’ll help you decide what milk alternative is best for your needs! 


Coming in at #1 is the morning fan favourite pairings for coffee! If you liken yourself to a barista, fancy a fancy latte, have an extensive order at the coffee bar, then we suggest you saddle up to a BARISTA OAT MILK as they’ll froth, foam, and stand up to the heat. 

A slightly sweeter, less edgy coffee drinker? Try a CREAMER with a bit of sweetened flavour to take the edge off!  


Coming in at #2 is the other morning pairing, with breakfast! We’ve found a classic UNSWEETENED ALMOND MILK takes the cake…errr…cereal ;-)


Coming in at #3 is the best baking & cooking non-dairy option that is always so rich, so creamy, great for broths and sauces, fluffy desert whips and puddings, we’re talking about COCONUT MILK of course! 


And finally, at #4, the best milk alternative to have right from the glass? You tell us! Check out our full MILK ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS , try them out until you find your favourite!!

So here’s to Almond, Oat, Coconut, Soy, Rice, Pea, Hazelnut, name a few ;-)


January 05, 2023

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