There has been a lot of talk about a recent series on Netflix called "You Are What You Eat" which is a Stanford University study that follows four sets of identical twins as they compare the health effects of one twin following a vegan diet versus one following an omnivore diet.  By showcasing the connection between what we consume and its broader implications, such as environmental sustainability and animal welfare, the series has seemed to have sparked renewed interest and curiosity in veganism. 

The show's series, happening to gain popularity during Veganuary, has reignited a growing global consciousness about health, environmental concerns, and ethical considerations. As more people become aware of the impact of their food choices, there seems to be another shift happening towards exploring plant-based diets and alternatives. 

The "You Are What You Eat" series presents compelling narratives and information that encourage viewers to consider the effects of their dietary choices. It's a powerful reminder that what we eat isn't just about personal preference; it can have profound consequences for ourselves and the world around us.  

As we celebrate Veganuary we take this as a huge win and a beacon of hope that maybe this year, more than ever, we will see even more people choosing a sustainable, compassionate, health conscious way of looking at what they eat!

And if you're new here, we've got you covered with an abundance of dairy alternatives to choose from, meat alternatives to discover, and pantry items to get you on your way. Share the tips and join the movement, Happy Veganuary!!

January 07, 2024

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