Working together with First Nation communities, Manitoba Animal Alliance builds on a foundation of compassion and inclusion to help both pets and people, making sure that everyone has the same access to care for their pets and that every adoptable pet (stray or rehomed) has access to the comfort of a home. 

During emergency evacuations in Northern communities, pets are often stranded due to limited space on evacuation planes. Manitoba Animal Alliance helps put together plans for the animals left behind - including providing supplies and flying emergency personnel back in to care for the animals until their owners are flown back home. Drive out communities are supported with onsite food and pet supplies in conjunction with Red Cross operations for evacuees.

Manitoba Animal Alliance works with communities to support progressive pet management programs, policies, and extending veterinary access. Their team is heavily invested in taking action by working together with community members, health authorities, elected officials and community leadership as part of their greater One Health Program. This One Health commitment means taking a unifying approach that balances the health of people, animals, and their shared environment. 

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Last year, undercover footage from Cedar Valley Farms (an organic dairy farm in Chilliwack, owned by veterinarian Dr. Rich Vanderwal) surfaced showing emaciated and limping cows, cows being beaten & kicked, and cows being shot and left to slowly die. Cesar Alonso, a Mexican immigrant and employee of this farm, was wrongfully dismissed after reporting this animal abuse to management and owners.

After his dismissal, Alonso appeared on a national news story revealing the atrocities at Cedar Valley Farms – even though he risked ruining his chances of getting a favourable settlement from his former employer.

For years, while employed at the farm, Alonso did what he could to help the animals. After witnessing newborn calves killed in front of their mothers, Alonso started acting on his own. He would take as many baby calves as he could into his own home until he could get them into a sanctuary. In four years, he saved approximately twenty calves who are now living out their natural lives on sanctuaries around B.C.

Now it’s our turn to help Alonso. We’re raising funds to help him pay his legal fees, and to help defend him from any further financial harm.  Alonso helped so many animals… Now it’s his turn to accept our help. He is incredibly grateful for every dollar donated.

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February 01, 2023

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