For the month of September, we want to bring you awareness of Mission Possible 2.0 - Rescue the Rescuers who is fundraising with Paws Unite People - as one of our featured September Monthly Donation Recipients.

They helped facilitate the largest singular animal rescue event in history: in February 2022, 285 dogs and cats were evacuated out of Kabul to safety in Vancouver. On August 15, 2021, Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul was captured by Taliban forces. As evacuations began, the staff of the Kabul Small Animal Rescue shelter stayed behind to care for hundreds of animals in the facility. A global coalition of animal rescue agencies joined forces to rescue the dogs and cats from the shelter. This was a historic, 1st of its kind mission.

Many of these animals were locally adopted, while others were reunited with their families. However, the Staff of the Kabul Shelter & their families are currently still in limbo. PUP (The Long Island, NY-based animal rescue and rehab organization PAWS UNITE PEOPLE) is shouldering the cost of care for these brave animal rescuers and their families.

“PUP believes in helping animals and the people who love them,” said Meredith Festa, founder of the rescue. “There was no way we were going to let the staff who risked their lives to save so many animals be left behind. It’s our fervent hope that we can inspire a groundswell of support among Vancouver’s animal lovers to help PAWS UNITE PEOPLE rescue the rescuers, and bring these selfless individuals to safety”.  Get involved by leaving a donation at check-out online and in-store, with 100% of proceeds going to PUPS. And for further info and ways to be involved please go to: Mission Possible 2.0 - Rescue the Rescuers and


Also for the month of September we are highlighting Hearts on Noses (HONs) which is located in Mission, BC. It was established in 1999 as a sanctuary for potbellied pigs. "Mini pigs" were a popular pet in the 1980s, and continue to be bred and sold as companion animals today. However, many purchasers are ill prepared or misinformed about the adult size, behaviors, and needs of potbellied pigs, and fail to carry through with a lifetime commitment. In other cases, these pigs fall into the hands of abusers where they suffer cruelty and neglect.

The sanctuary provides a home to various breeds of pigs including Pot Bellied Pigs, Guinea Hogs, Heritage Pigs, a Piney Rooter and a Tamworth.  Any and all these breeds of pigs are currently farmed all over the world  for both meat and medical research. Together we will save as many as we can.

The sanctuary is a place where these animals have found refuge from the harsh world that sees them as little more than pieces of property. Unlike so many others, they will receive love and care for the rest of their lives. At Hearts on Noses, all animals are equal and deserving of love and respect. Leave your gift of a donation at checkout both online or in-store and for further info or ways to be involved with HONs please go to:

You can donate online upon check-out or in-store. On behalf of the animals your gift supports, thank you! 

September 01, 2022

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