At Vegan Supply, a big part of what we do, and more importantly WHY we do it, is to save animals. To ensure we are able to stay connected to this guiding goal, we keep it a priority to spend time with animals and participate in their care at some of the sanctuaries local to us here in BC. We also open up volunteer work days to our community to get more people involved and share the joy that time spent taking care of and being in the presence of animals provides.

A day at a farm sanctuary can also be one of the most transformative experiences someone can have. It really brings the individuals typically abused and exploited in animal agriculture to the forefront in a way that is approachable, educational, and highlights the possibility of how much better it can be for these phenomenal, intelligent, and emotional sentient beings.

Some of the sanctuaries we’ve spent time at so far are Hearts on Noses, a pig sanctuary in Mission BC, and The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary in Langley, BC. Both of these places are vegan-run refuges for those that would otherwise live a life of suffering and abuse. We thank them for all that they do  and are thrilled to partner with them and support them as often as possible in their endeavor to give animals a happy and safe life.

Here's some snapshots of our time at Hearts on Noses and Happy Herd!

April 15, 2023

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