Alkeme is a Gluten Free artisan bakery from Rossland, BC. 

Their products are Certified Gluten Free and are produced in a dedicated gluten and nut free facility. Alkeme Foods is a certified Plastic Negative Brand and is keeping the GMOs out of the food system. 

Founding Alkeme was the culmination of a life long frustration with the lack of nourishment found in products on grocery store shelves.  Instead, Melinda and Ross found lengthy ingredient labels full of additives, binders & stabilizers leading to a deterioration in the health and wellness of them and those around them.

As a gluten sensitive consumer, Melinda, set out on a mission to make their reinvented gluten free breads the old-fashioned way using wild fermentation.  Alkeme is dedicated to introducing nourishing and delicious products to the market but will also work to be a company that leaves a positive impact on the world around it.