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The Benjamin Family discover their passion for chocolate in 2014. They start experimenting at home making chocolate from raw cacao. Their idea is to make the first Bulgarian organic raw chocolate, sweetened with agave syrup.

Their passion, however, does not slow down and for several years they taste hundreds of chocolates from around the world. This leads to their new passion – chocolate, made of roasted cacao beans.

The two brothers Krassimir and Martin Benjamin along with Martin’s wife Sarah Alsbey studied the history of cacao and bean processing technology. In the beginning of 2017 two new brands – Benjamíssimo and Happy Benjamino – were born – 16 new products with interesting recipes.
With their acquired knowledge they equip a factory, hire and train a chief technologist and a whole chocolate crew to become aware and professional with the production processes behind the subtle chocolate tastes. From the cacao bean, imported from distant Nicaragua to the “sensual touch” when tasting the final product, you will feel the undeniable health benefits and good taste.