Carolyn Simon, the Patty Queen, grew up loving Jamaican patties. When she was trying to transition to a plant-based diet, she was frustrated at not finding a vegan alternative that reminded her of the patties she loved growing up. She decided to start making her own and soon her family and friends were asking repeatedly why she wasn’t selling them. Thus, Choose Life Foods was born, offering vegan Jamaican patties made with natural and quality ingredients!

The Values of Choose Life Foods:

Clean ingredients
Choose Life Foods are committed to using ingredients you can pronounce. If they wouldn’t feed a particular ingredient to a child, they refuse to cook with that ingredient. 

Ingredient sourcing 
They are dedicated to sourcing ingredients from ethical suppliers to ensure we use fairtrade and sustainably sourced ingredients.

In the Caribbean, unseasoned food is a crime, Choose Life Foods are committed to providing our customers with well thought-out delicious products made with quality ingredients.