Avafina Organics Original Cream Cheese - 200g

$8.99 CAD

Avafina Organics Original Cream Cheese (200g)

The Queen of all cheeses, Avafina's organic raw vegan Queen Cheese™ is a rich, velvety smooth, non-dairy cream cheese alternative. Queen Cheese™ delivers the perfect amount of umami with tangy undertones, providing an array of healthy probiotics that helps digest your food. Queen Cheese™ is a vital and alive spread! As this product is a result of natural fermentation, it will continue aging naturally, and it will become stronger, healthier and tastier with time. Use it bountifully as you would cream cheese. Delight your senses and celebrate healthy food with your friends and family!

Ingredients: Cashews*, water*, cabbage brine*, lemon juice*, sea salt, chickpea miso paste*, apple cider vinegar*, tapioca*, coconut oil*, bacterial culture.


Contains: Cashews.