Avafina Organics Pesto Cream Cheese - 200g

$8.99 CAD

Avafina Organics Pesto Cream Cheese (200g)

Avafina's Pesto Queen Cheese is a delicious, fragrant and bright, non-dairy cream cheese alternative. This aromatic and flavorful Pesto Queen Cheese™ will make any crackers, sandwiches, wraps, canapés, salads, and pasta more decadent. Use it as you would cream cheese. Delight your senses and celebrate healthy food with your friends and family!

Ingredients: Cashews*, water, parsley*, garlic*, sea salt, basil*, cabbage brine*, lemon juice*, extra virgin olive oil*, onion*, chickpea miso paste*, yeast, apple cider vinegar*, vinegar*, tapioca*, bacterial culture.


Contains: Cashews.