We’re happy to be adding to our Vegan Festivals and Events for 2024 as we get word! Keep checking back to see what’s coming to your area, and be sure to tell us about any we’ve missed!  

Jan 18th-21st - Miami, FL

Seed Food and Wine Week


Jan 27th - Orlando, FL

International Vegan Food Festival 


Feb 3rd/4th - Providence, RI

Rhode Island VegFest 


Feb 10th - Orlando, FL 

Vegan Block Party 


Feb 11th  - Vancouver, BC

Vegan Dinner at The Greek 


Feb 29th - Seattle, WA

Plant Based Food Tour at Pike Place Market


Mar 7th - Vancouver, BC

The Vegan Night Market


Mar 12th-16th - Anaheim, CA

Natural Products Expo West


Mar 23rd-24th - Toronto, ON

Toronto Planted Expo


May 9th/10th - Hollywood, CA

The Vegan Women Summit


May 18th/19th - Ashbury Park, NJ

Ashbury Park Vegan Food Fest


June 1st-2nd  - Vancouver, BC

Planted Expo 


June 10th-16th - Bellingham, WA

Bellingham Vegan Restaurant Week


June 7th - Squamish, BC

Squamish Vegan Festival


June 22nd-23rd - Portland, OR

Pride Vegan Night Market


July 6th - Nanaimo, BC

Nanaimo Vegfest


July 18th - Vancouver, BC

The Vegan Market


July 27th/28th - Denver, CO

VegFest Colorado


Aug 3rd/4th -  Grand Quai of the Port of Montreal

Plantastique Market


Aug 10th - Brooklyn, NY

Black Vegfest 


Aug 17th - Burlington, WA

Burlington VegFest


Sept 11th/12th - New York, NY

Plant Based World Expo


Sept 22nd - West Kelwona, BC

Vegfest Kelowna


Sept 22nd - Bellingham,WA 

Bellingham VegFest


October 28th - Portland, OR

Halloween Vegan Night Market 


Dallas / Miami / LA / NY / Toronto / Chicago - Dates TBD 



23 janvier, 2024

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