Save 20% on your favourite jerky brands from August 25 to 31, 2023 when you purchase any 5 bags. You can load up on your go-to jerky or try a few different ones, it's your choice!

Choose from:

  • Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.They offer a range of flavourful and protein-packed vegan jerky options that are perfect for those looking for a savoury and satisfying snack. Their jerky is hand seasoned with thoughtful ingredients and spices. It is made with soy protein and packed with up to 21g of protein per bag. Their commitment to using only plant-based ingredients ensures that their products are not only delicious but also vegan and gluten-free!

  • Noble JerkyEffortless, plant-based snacking. Noble Jerky is made of plant-based protein, vegan evaporated cane sugar, and natural seasonings. It is nitrate free and non-GMO verified!

  • Butler Sam's Harvest JerkyTheir special blend of spices with a heart healthy plant-based protein is sure to satisfy.  Grab a bag of Sam's Harvest Jerky and go conquer.

  • Savory Wild Portabella Jerky Savory Wild believe that mushrooms are nature's little powerhouses. That's why they created Savory Wild – to combine one of the planet's most sustainable foods with authentic flavor combinations from around the world. The result is a delicious snack packed with nutrients and bursting with umami that even Mother Nature would approve.
25 août, 2023

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