If you're curious about the latest trends in the food industry, specifically the vegan and plant-based space, as well as the future of sustainable eating, you're in for a treat! As seen in the recent Netflix Series “You are What You Eat a Twin Study'', Juicy Marbles has brought their Thick Cut Filet and Whole Cut Loin into Canada, with promises to deliver on high end quality, flavour, and taste. 

Presenting as the filet mignon of plant based meat with hopes to expand into not only vegan restaurants, but into spaces commonly reserved for carnivores, this unique product has been popping up in vegan recipe shares, and trending in plant based meat articles since inception. The rich texture Juicy Marbles contains, as well as the satisfying bite, chew, and aroma, make it a true luxury item among other plant based proteins of this kind. 

Vegan Supply continues its long standing run of bringing unique vegan products into Canada so it’s no surprise that they are the first Canadian Retailer to have Juicy Marbles in store, and in their Wholesale branch as well. Appreciated by hobby chefs, home cooks, and restaurants wanting to offer something outside of the usual vegan burgers or sausages, Juicy Marbles products are making huge headway in the plant based world. Oh, and rumour has it their “succulent plant based ribs” are soon to be coming to Canada as well so, keep an eye on Vegan Supply for the drop! 

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