Based in Ontario, Zengarry's cheeses don't actually grow on trees, but the cashew nuts they use to make it do. A sustainable source of protein, rich in nutrients and high in heart-healthy fats, cashews are the primary ingredient in all of their cheeses. They’re not just good for you, they’re also naturally delicious!

How do you turn cashew nuts into cheese, you might ask? Easy! They soak them in water and whip them into a rich and creamy texture to which we add all-natural ingredients, fresh herbs from our living wall and custom probiotics before aging them to perfection.

Dairy free and vegan, their cashew cheese is lovingly prepared in small batches in our modern production facility which allows us to guarantee food safety throughout the transformation process, from recipe development to delivery.

Their team is committed to creating delicious, high-quality artisanal plant-based cheese and dairy alternatives with uncompromising adherence to the most rigorous safety standards. The result: a rich and delicious plant-based cheese that’s good for you and the environment!

Their Swiss Cheese was voted "Best Swiss Style" at the 2022 Vegan Cheese Awards!