Freshfield Ocean Saving Omega - 60 Caps

$29.99 CAD
Distributeur Freshfield

Freshfield Ocean Saving Omega (60 Caps)

Introducing the world's first true fish oil replacement in terms of specifications and price per serving! Overfishing and plastic pollution from the fish oil industry are killing our oceans, but this highly concentrated algae-based omega-3 has the same benefits of fish oil without the destructive consequences. 

  • 500 mg DHA / 55 mg DPA per tapioca capsule
  • Certified Vegan, Carbon Neutral and Plastic Negative
  • Plant-based compostable & recyclable bottle

Medicinal ingredients per 1 capsule: Schizochytrium oil (Schizochytrium spp. - Whole)

Non-medicinal ingredients: Annatto, Ascorbyl palmitate, Glycerin, Lecithin, Modified food starch (tapioca), Purified water, Rosemary extract, Tocopherols.